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Not even sure what to build - but we've started

Yesterday, on somewhat of a whim, I actually acted on my uncle's idea I teach my cousine how to use servos. Since I don't really know how, this seemed like a great idea.

Step one was to get parts. We found an old tape deck, and it was chock full of parts, all of which were removable and reusable (save for a couple of inductors which I broke pulling out). That was great fun, and we got tons of stuff off it. Then we found three breadboards lying around, and I got a 741 and a 555 from RadioShack.

Today, we jumped up to go to a thrift store and look for a source for another motor or two. What we found was a typewriter. The on button merely starts the motor spinning: the beast is all mechanical. It also seems to have the keys all jammed, and honestly it's so complicated I can't even guess at the cause; I'm not even sure if I could see it. I'll post pictures eventually, as it's unbelievable how dense it is.

So far though, finding open hardware is not too hard. And immensely fun and economical!